Active Release Techniques Soft Tissue treatment is a manual therapy, similar to massage, administered by trained professionals to muscles, tendons, ligament, fascia and joints.

Scar tissue in these areas cause the  muscle or joint motion to be altered, resulting in a wide variety of symptoms, including :

·          pain & weakness
·          reduced range of motion
·          numbness  & tingling

Common injuries include:

·          Acute: sudden injury (car accident or fall)
·          Cumulative: chronic injury  (repetitive stress injuries)
·          Pressure : from poor posture (alignment)

The problem areas are stripped of  scar tissue so that proper rehabilitation may follow. 

The preferred therapy for many professional athletes  and the official Ironman Triathlon therapy so you can keep training at your BEST!
Great For:

Runners Knee

Hamstring & hip pain

Plantar Fasciitis